[Marxan] Marxan with probability (MarProb)

Ermias Azeria ermias.azeria at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 08:36:06 AEST 2014

Hello Marxan community,
I am new to Marxan and hope you will help me out here. I want to run Marxan
analysis with species "occurrence" probability derived from habitat models.
I came across some references which suggest conducting analysis for species
data with probabilities using Marxan with probability (MarProb). But I am
not sure if there is a specific version of Marxan designed to run on
probabilities. And I could not find any specific guideline how to run such
analysis with existing Marxan version , if that would be possible.
I would appreciate if anyone can point me to some documentation on how to
conduct  MarProb with probabilities of species occurrence values.
Thanks in advance.

Ermias Azeria, Phd (Ecologist)
Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute
University of Alberta
CW 405 Biological Sciences
<ermias.azeria at gmail.com>
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