[Marxan] Marxan Training Course in Spain this April - Looking for participants

norma serra nserra at pacmara.org
Sun Jan 15 04:22:19 EST 2012

Hello Marxan List,

We are planning an Introduction to Marxan course at the University of
Zaragoza, Spain.  The course will be in English and Spanish.  If you are
interested in this course, please indicate which dates would work for you
the best:

*OPTION A:* April 20th (Friday) and 21th (Saturday)
*OPTION B: *April 21th (Saturday) and 22th (Sunday)
*OPTION C: *April 27th  (Friday) and 28th (Saturday)
*OPTION D:* April 28th (Saturday) and 29th (Sunday)

Please respond as soon as it is possible if you would like to attend
this course. And feel free to pass this notice along to anyone else who may
be interested.

*Course details:*

Using Marxan, planners can identify an efficient system of reserve
sites, or other types of zoning patterns, that include a suite of
biodiversity or human use targets at a minimal cost. Marxan provides a
unique method for designing site networks that is systematic and
repeatable, and is the most used conservation planning tool worldwide.

This hands-on technical course will provide participants with the
basic knowledge and skills necessary to use Marxan in a marine
conservation planning exercise. The following topics are covered in the
Introduction to Marxan:

- Key concepts in systematic conservation planning
- Creating planning units
- Creating the essential Marxan input files
- Parameter setting in Marxan
- Understanding and using Marxan results
- Zonae Cogito (decision support software)
- A brief introduction to Marxan with Zones

The course time will be split between lecture (~30%) and hands-on exercises
(~70%).  Experience with ArcGIS and MS Excel are recommended.
Two day courses usually cost $625 (480 euros), with limited discounts
available for students (including coffee/snacks and lunch).

More information is available here:

Thank you,

*Norma Serra-Sogas*, *MSc. *
PacMARA (Pacific Marine Analysis and Research Association) - Program Manager

P.O. Box 49002 / Victoria, BC, V8P5V8 / Canada
Office Phone: 778-300-1801 (Ext. 2)
Cell Phone: 250-818-3220
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