[Marxan] cost layer from multible sources

Husam El Alqamy alqamy at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 21:47:04 EST 2012

Dear List

I have a question and hope to find an answer at yours. If I have 2 polygon
data datasets (fishing rights areas  and oil fields) and I want to produce
a cost layer using those 2 data elements, is this possible? I figured that
converting them to raster layers and summing them would be a way around it
but unfortunately I couldn’t account for the different types of cost on a
single scale. Could you please kindly advise.

Really appreciate it

Husam El Alqamy, B.Sc., M.Phil.
Sr. Biodiversity GIS Analyst ,
Environmental Information Sector, EIS
Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi,UAE
Antelope Specialist Group, ASG - IUCN
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