[Marxan] Marxan and simple problems

Daniel Beaver daniel.beaver at wilderness.org.au
Wed Mar 26 10:41:39 EST 2008

Hi all,

My question was resolved by Matt who alerted me to an undocumented 
feature of Marxan which cut my preprocessing time from 24 hours to less 
than an hour! (see information from Matt below) This has meant I've been 
able to refine my parameters iteratively as per normal :)

x Daniel

Correspondance from Matt:

There is an undocumented feature in Marxan optimised (v2 and above) that I 
implemented specifically to speed up the pre-processing of Marxan.  It should reduce the 
preprocessing time from a day to around an hour for the magnitude of data you are using.

Step 1 - create a version of the matrix file sorted by feature id using the convert_mtx.exe 
program that ships with Marxan v2 and above;

"convert_mtx 3 puvspr2.dat sporder.dat"

(where puvspr2.dat is your existing matrix file sorted by planning unit id, and sporder.dat 
is the new matrix that will be created and sorted by species id)

Step 2 - put an entry in the input.dat file to tell Marxan this file is available;


Now when Marxan initialises, it will use the new data structure that is optimised for the 
pre-processing of Marxan.

Ayse Turak wrote:

> Hi,
> Questions asked by both Daniel Brockington and Daniel Beaver, seem to 
> have gone unanswered in the list.
> Daniel(s), did you, by any chance receive any answer to your private 
> adresses? If not, lets hope this mail will induce more experienced 
> users will think about the problems?
> Thanks,
> Ayse
> Ayşe S. Turak, Ph.D.
> Conservation GIS Expert
> Nature Conservation Centre
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